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Bloom Where You Are Planted Candle

Bloom Where You Are Planted Candle

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"BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED" is a poignant metaphor urging individuals to thrive and flourish in their current circumstances, regardless of external challenges or limitations. It encapsulates the idea that one should focus on personal growth and development in the present moment, making the most of their surroundings and opportunities. Just as a flower adapts and blossoms in the soil it's planted in, this phrase encourages resilience, optimism, and the cultivation of one's potential, regardless of the circumstances. It serves as a reminder that, like a resilient bloom, individuals can find strength, beauty, and fulfillment by embracing their current situation and allowing themselves to flourish.

Scent: crisp cool breeze

Notes: juniper, fresh snow, and silver birch

8 oz vegan soy wax 

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